Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Would you Apply?

The most unfortunate thing about life is that we find ourselves in it. In a place we didn't ask to be, with some aspects of our lives that we may not have the capacity to change. We just find ourselves in here.

Assume we got back in time, with what you know now, would you apply to be born given a chance? Would you choose your gender? Would you choose your father? Would you choose you mother? Would you choose the place you were born?

For a long time I used to say, if I were given a chance to apply to be born on earth, I would have requested for a pass. No second thinking. I would not have chosen to be born. Period.

The fortunate thing is, I didn't have a chance to chose. But instead God chose me. He chose my gender, he chose my father, he chose my mother and he chose the place I would be born.
And now that I know that, I am at peace with life. I don't look at any aspect of my life as an accident or as an unfortunate thing, but as a design from God. The processes I went through were not hapharzard, but a crafting of God, moulding my path into who I am. Isn't that wonderful?

And now that I am empowered to make choices of the life I want to live, I have learnt to enquire from my manuacturer, because from the look of things, He is better positioned to know what I need and where I should go and what I should do than I can ever think.

Truly you don't know yourself until God tell you who you are. And that is all you need. God.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Broken Vessel

God is looking for a broken people to use. A broken heart and a contrite spirit He won’t despise. Unfortunately we have become broken vessels.

What’s the difference you ask?

A broken vessel is the kind that leaks, the kind that cannot contain. And so when God deposits His treasure in such a vessel, within no time everything is lost. Such kind of a vessel will only waste great resources achieving nothing for God.

We need to be vessels of honor for God. Vessels that are able to hold the treasures released from God. These treasures include His word, His values, His Grace and His blessings. But never should we get familiar with God. We ought to appreciate the fact that we are only vessels and so we must always have a broken heart.

Let us be vessels of honor with a broken heart and not a broken vessel with a golden heart.

Friday, September 16, 2011

When I Look at Them

If there is one thing I have learnt from my simple complicated life is how to look at people. There are different grids through which human being view other human beings. These include tribe, nationality, religion, skin color, body type, sexuality, social class, up bring among other. There is also a tendency to view other human beings informed by the way we perceive ourselves.

But I have learnt to see myself in other people. Regardless of whom it is, I see their struggles, their dreams and their humanness just like me. A person who has a life to live, questions to find answers to, a heart to be loved and accepted, a quest to have a good life and a hope in the future. At the point, every other aspect just wither away.

When I look at people I want feel them.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

They Way I want to See Us

There is a reason why they say we should not judge a book by its cover. But I still can't help it. I judge a book by its cover and that includes the price tag. But once in a while especially if the book is not wrapped up, I peruse a few pages and check out of it's a worth read. If I am not convinced I check out online reviews just to get an opinion. Then I decide if I can afford the book. Which could either mean I start saving for it or just get cash and buy.

And I think that is the same process I use to decide who I should talk to, make friends with and keep as a friend. Not a bad strategy because we must make sure we have the right friends but again the same reason why I ignore books with dull covers always comes into play.

I have been having a desire to know how God sees people. How does He look at us?

There is no color, no skin type, no weight, no dress, no background info, no accent, no make up, no car, no house, no academic qualification, no ettiquette, no homour, no nothing that shapes the way he see us. He looks at us as His own and loves us that way.

And that is how I want to look at you, as a brother and as a sister, sharing one father and living in one amazing mansion called earth, where everything we have is our father's, we are just stewards. And that is the way I want to look at it that way. That is teh way I want to see us.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Human beings are very melodious and rhythmical.
The way the eyes blink, the way the heart beats,
The way the blood flows, the way the hands swing,
The way you breath....

So, when you find yourself out of rhythm
And you feel so out of beat,
Find something that resonate with your soul
And harmonize yourself amidst chaos.

Always keep your rhythm!