Friday, December 7, 2012

Fattened For Slaughter

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When Isaac was born (Genesis 21), he did not know that he appeared in the middle of his father’s journey. Abraham who had left his home land to a place to be shown by God, had gone through a rough process. He was old, his wife had been barren, he had gotten a child with their maidservant and He had God brooding over him.

Have you ever seen a child being raised by wealthy grandparents? That is how it felt for Isaac. He was a child of the promise. He was an explosion of joy not a just a bundle. I see Abraham showering his son with everything sweet and beautiful. I see Isaac growing into one happy chubby boy. Let’s say a little obese. Every birthday, Abraham would throw such a huge bash and they would feast to their fill.

Abraham must have done his best to teach Isaac about God their father. I see him giving Isaac stories that seemed fictions.  How he had lied about his mother in Egypt. How he thought God was never going to come through. How Ishmael was supposed to replace him and how he had a great promise following his life. I just wonder how Isaac took all this.
Then one day, kaboom! God appears and demands Isaac for sacrifice. Abraham knows nothing but perfected obedience. But that does not deal with the matters at hand. Now how do I break this news to my dear aging wife Sarah? How do I bring Isaac, a now stronger man than I to lie on the altar?

Isaac was so used to his dad’s escapades it seems. This 3 days trips to the mountain to sacrifice to God without a sacrifice on sight was unusual. “Is dad getting too tired to remember we need a ram?” He must have wondered.

When it dawned on Isaac that he was the one to be sacrificed, he must have wondered. You mean my dad has been fattening me for slaughter? You mean I am just but a delicacy? But then again, what can I do but be for my dad his delight, and to His God, now our God, a fulfillment of His desire?

And at times life feels like that. We experience so much goodness and favour just for God to come back and demand the same. Did you just get a pay rise and now struggling to give more? Have you just gotten married and now unable to serve in ministry? Have just had a baby and you now have no time to pray? Has your business received a new contract you have no time to engage with God? Has God showered you with so much blessing, you are too chubby to fit through the doors of the church?

Indeed the test of perfected obedience is more challenging when you are walking in abundance than in lack.

Here a poem to summarize this thought

Fattened for Slaughter

Picked from the wild
Into a pen placed
Daily fodder provided
Fresh water availed.
Well sheltered
All needs met.

Home have I found
My shape now round
Check out how so proud
I bounce and sound.
Freed yet bound
Here now am ground

Picked from the flock
Now the owner's choice
Keenly He eyed me
For this great day
Guests already settled
Dressed ready to feast.

Facing the knife
The culmination of this life
My now fatty meaty heart
Is making dinner delicacy
Fulfilling the very reason
He gathered me in His pen.

And it’s a matter of laughter
How I was fattened for slaughter
But what other reason greater
Than be slayed for the master

Thoughts by Josef Munuhe


  1. Reminds me of how Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, The Lamb of God, came to earth for the sole purpose of dying for our sins so that we might be redeemed through His blood.

    1. I agree. He went through everything for us.