Monday, February 28, 2011

Kenya28Feb – Kenya Stands United

Today the grand coalition government is celebrating three years since the signing of the peace accord. Kenyans everywhere are connecting to stand as one people, one nation, one country and one Kenya. On 28th Feb 2011, at 1300hrs EAT, Kenyans are being urged to stand up and sing the national anthem wherever they will be, just as a sign of standing united for Kenya.

Sometimes I imagine if I were the president what would I do to make the difference? To be honest, I am not sure. Power has a way of intoxicating people and its wine tends to madden their minds. For some reason, the political system in this country has a way of swallowing even the best of souls and within no time, someone who was vocal and keen on true progress either becomes all of a sudden quiet, or they join in and start sing their song.

I get encouraged when I see the people themselves taking charge and deciding to do something. The problem is, are we any different? When we speak of change what do we mean? Do we mean a change in our lifestyles when we get power? Or do we mean a change of ideologies and philosophies? Or do we mean it’s time for us to eat? Or are we just tired and jealous of the old folk? What is it that is driving us to change?

Great leaders are servants. They are keen on serving the people, making life better by fighting for peoples’ rights, enhancing equality and empowering the people. Hardly do we see that nowadays. Even when we change people in leadership position we tend to have the same problem recurring. What do we do?

I think we need to deal with the system. Our current system tends to focus on positions. So as young people we think that we can only bring change to this country if we had political positions of leadership. And as much as those positions have influence on what happens in this country, we must start shifting our mentalities from positional leadership to influential leadership.

We are leaders in different capacities. First it starts with leading ourselves. How are we managing ourselves? Within our circles what kind of influence are we making? Within our families what difference are we making? In our business and organizations what do we stand for? For example when we talk about corruption, how incorruptible is your character? If we are not doing the right things where we are now, we are only lying to ourselves and others when we say we could bring change if we got into power.

Secondly, we should focus on bringing positive change with what we have right now. We can’t keep talking about leaders of tomorrow, or someday when we get there. No. We have to start doing something right now, with what we have. And if we keep moving in the right direction, nothing is impossible.

One of my life dreams is to do social and public campaigns that seek to empower the local mwananchi so that they can be able to influence their destiny and the destiny of this nation. I know we have a long way to go, but do not be deceived, you have no idea what can happen in a week or in a month. I guess if you have been following news you can agree with me.

And so, today as we sing our national anthem let it be a prayer and a commitment to making a difference in this nation. We have work to do, but it starts with where we are and who we are. Let us keep moving, let us move in the right direction.

The Bananas are Gone

The bananas have gone
And we have all gone bananas

Suckers of thumbs
Gazing in agony
For hope lies in suckers
Who will replace the bananas?

Where are the suckers?

Some went off on pruning
Others refused to grow
The farmer never tended
Goats and cows let in the garden
The cow was to be milked

But who is to blame?

Rise up and grow
Learn today
The lessons of tomorrow
For bananas are gone
And we need suckers
Lest we forever go bananas!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Finding Rhythm

I don’t believe in formulas because they never work for me. I don’t know whether it’s because of the predictability or the rigidity part of the formula that repels me. And when I am talking about formulas, don’t mistake them with principles. I believe we can never bend a principle; we can only bend ourselves against them. But today am talking about formulas.

You have heard people talking about the seven steps to spiritual maturity, or six ways to the top, or ten things to do to spice your marriage, or four things that will blow your mind.. I kind of always tend to disagree with that way of living. I aint saying that those things can’t work, they do but not for me.

I have come to think of life as a great orchestra band. Each one of the things I do is a voice to this song; each activity is like playing an instrument that adds a sound to this band called my life. To make great music, the voices and the instruments must be in harmony. They are totally different, yet when arranged well, they create a rhythm and a flow that can be danced to, enjoyed and consumed to bring out freshness and relief.

And that is how I look at my life. I don’t need formulas, rather I seek to get harmony and create a flow out of my life to make great music. I look at all the activities and people that I get to be involved with in my life, as either a voice or an instrument that I need to tune and keep in rhythm as I create my music. 

Have you noticed how everything that is part of us is melodious? Look at the eye, they blink together, look at the hands, they swing in rhythm, listen to your breath, your pulse; they all have a flow, a rhythm.

That explain the need to create a flow from the things I do. Like I will take time to pray and meditate on God’s word because it tunes me to keep in rhythm spiritually. I will eat healthy, rest and exercise because I want to tune my body and keep the rhythm. I will take time to develop my relationship with my wife, because I want our lives to be synchronized. And so it is with most of the things I do. I want to keep a flow.

This doesn’t mean that my life is flowing so well, no. As a matter of fact many are the times am out of rhythm and off beat. But I start looking at which voice or instrument that needs to be tuned, and as I work on the part that is making the wrong sound, I find myself getting back to rhythm. 

Are you out of tune? I am sorry I don’t have a formula for you; I guess you just need to look keenly at the people and activities in your life and see how you can create a melodically harmonized life out of the existing chaos and noise.

Check John 7:38
38 He who believes in Me (Jesus), as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” NKJV


Formulas are for the baby
As they wean to solid foods
When the stomach is feeble and weakly
The intestines yet to handle the loads
The hardness of life

Formulas are for the baby
Who wants things easy to do
Who prefer manna to the hustle
Who can’t carry his cross daily
But wants a joy ride to the hunting

Formulas may work now
Formulas may not work then
When you need to discover
When you need to become
When you need to give a pattern
When you need to lead

Formulas are for those after you
When you set the standard
When you have borne
Creating a totally new world

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Astonishing Faith

When Jesus was on the earth he must have disturbed so many people. I imagine the day he turned water into wine, the Cana of Galilee Brewery Limited must have had a board meeting to discuss the chaos, I mean even their stocks on that day did so badly. Or imagine the undertaker who after burying Lazarus, heard that he had be raised, and not just him, but even the daughter of Jairus and the boy who belonged to the widow in Nain. Or the town doctor who was losing business every day since Jesus would randomly healing the sick. I mean, people were disturbed. Or should I say astonished?

But then one day it’s Jesus who was astonished. In Mathew 8: 5 -13 we see the story of the centurion.  5 When Jesus had entered Capernaum, a centurion came to him, asking for help. 6 “Lord,” he said, “my servant lies at home paralyzed, suffering terribly.”  7 Jesus said to him, “Shall I come and heal him?”  8 The centurion replied, “Lord, I do not deserve to have you come under my roof. But just say the word, and my servant will be healed. 9 For I myself am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I tell this one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and that one, ‘Come,’ and he comes. I say to my servant, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.”  10 When Jesus heard this, he was astonished and said to those following him, “Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.NIV

When I was thinking about this passage three things stood out for me. First Jesus asks the centurion whether he should accompany him to go and heal the guy, but he declines the offer and asks Jesus to just SPEAK. We have not seen Jesus do a remote controlled miracle. He was ever present in the place of performing a miracle. But this guy demands something beyond what had been done before; a remote controlled miracle. Where did he get such an idea that Jesus could just speak and it would be done?

Second, it is recorded that Jesus himself was astonished. I mean, he had not seen anyone entering into such dimensions of faith. This guy beat the woman with the issue of blood who just touched the hem of the garment for healing, he beats Peter who abandoned everything to follow Jesus, he beats the guys who had to make way through the roof to have their friend come to Jesus, he had faith in a new level.

Thirdly, I am thinking of the power of a man under command. The question is who has the authority? Many a times we forget that Jesus is the man in charge. We rely on people we know to do as favors instead of just asking Jesus to speak a word, we bribe to have doors opened instead of asking Jesus to speak a word, we compromise to have a life partner instead of asking Jesus to speak to our situation. Do you know how stupid we look? Like the disciples waking Jesus just because there was a storm. He just spoke to it and it calmed down. The point is, Jesus is the King of Kings, HE SPEAKS AND IT’S DONE. Do you believe him?

I am challenging myself to develop the astonishing faith, to create new demands from the word of God. I mean, all I need is a word from Jesus and chaos will turn into order, darkness turns into light, sickness becomes health and nothing becomes something. I want to have the capacity to believe in what Jesus can do and to enter into new levels of faith. I want to have the astonishing faith!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Faith that I Need

I have been meditating on faith for sometimes and I am all the more strengthened to keep pursuing the hope of stability and satisfaction. Sometimes life throws stuff in your life and at times it very easy to lose faith especially when you are overwhelmed by the feeling of inadequacy and the uncertainty of the future.

Let’s consider this verse Roman 4:18-24

18 Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, “So shall your offspring be.”[d] 19 Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead—since he was about a hundred years old—and that Sarah’s womb was also dead. 20 Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, 21 being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised. 22 This is why “it was credited to him as righteousness.” 23 The words “it was credited to him” were written not for him alone, 24 but also for us, to whom God will credit righteousness—for us who believe in him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead. 25 He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.

What can we learn from this passage?

- 'Without weakening faith', 'not wavering through unbelief',  sometimes we feel like giving up and tired of waiting on our promises in God but Abraham didn’t. We have to understand the struggle is every day, with some days being tougher than others, but the encouraging thing is when we walk boldly we don't weaken our faith. We must have courage and endurance to keep moving forward pursuing our dreams and our promises in God without losing hope. We must be energized everyday not to detour and not to settle. We must have a migration mentality to move from one level of strength to another. And when we meet obstacles, we should all the more keep walking in faith, and when we get into great success, we still need not to settle, and like Abraham we should live in tents, as symbol of willingness to keep moving forward. This meaning we need to exercise the faith by basing our actions on the faith, keeping on hoping even when the natural circumstance is dictating otherwise. This brings strength and gives glory to God.

- being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised...This is now the contentious issue in our world. We have lost faith in God. We wonder whether God can really do it? We have stopped believing in miracles or in the word of God to be true. To deal with this issue, I have learnt to seek God's promises over my life. Having a prophetic word in my life has brought so much order. When God speaks to you as an individual that is the word that we need to hold on. Do you have a word from God? Is there any promise of God that you are holding on? Once we have this, we then should be persuaded that God has power to do what he has promised. Hold on the promises of God over your life.

Faith rests in three things; knowing the Nature of God, His power and His word. His nature as love, as a father and meaning good for us, His power to do as he promised to do, to defy the natural order and his sovereignty, and lastly the Word of God, which is true and must come to pass. Those three things are the things that our faith should rest in.

Finally, we can never please God without faith. This then means we have to discover the kind of faith that Abraham had so that we don't walk in ignorance.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Do You See?

If there is one thing I have learnt is to create myself. Life is not about discovering yourself, life is about creating yourself. Who are you? and who do you want to be? We have been defined by many things, which is ok, but let me assure you, you won’t fit in most of these definitions. And since almost everyone is trying to fit us into one universal standard, the reality is, we can never be the same. Our sameness is that we are all unique. That is why it is important to create yourself, uniquely.

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? The funny thing is we can never run away from who we are. We are kind stuck with ourselves. But there is hope, they say the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. So do something. Don’t just accept a life sentence from an unqualified judge. Protest, go on riot and demand haki yako. Start doing something about the person you want to be.

Lets flash forward your life to an hour before your death. What do you would want to be FEEL? That is assuming you will know you have an hour to go.

Last Saturday, someone challenged me to write my eulogy. And I took up her challenge and started writing it. And honestly, I would that in case I lost my breath, or I walk with God and be no more like Enoch, what I have written down won’t be edited, but rather, new stories to fill in what I would have missed will be said. Of people whose life were reformed and of lives that my light shone unto, of warmth that I brought and of love that I gave.

And I want to challenge you also. Write down your own eulogy. Write it the way you want it to be, the way your story should and will be. And then start living your story. Start creating the character in your story, the starring in this great movie. And always remember, the starring in the movies never dies, most often than not s/he has to overcome a challenge to get what he wants.

So, regardless of who you see every day you look in the mirror, challenge the main character to do something to make the story of your life flow. It is never too late to start all over. Remember the past cannot be edited, but you can choose to write a different story from now henceforth. Start creating the person you want to become and let your eulogy come to life.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The City Clock

My friend the city clock
Is very focused
In all directions
He is faced.

My friend the city clock
Is very strategic
At the junctions and roundabouts
He is positioned.

My friend the city clock
Is very punctual
All the days
He is timely.

My friend the city clock
Is very busy
Throughout the day
His hands are moving.

My friend the city clock
Is very friendly
All the people
Rely on him

My friend the city clock
Is of a large family
All over the city
Building the nation
Doing community service.

My friend the city clock
Is very organized
Though a large family
In different locations
Doing the same thing
At the same time

My friend the city clock
What a community.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Beat the System, not Yourself

We are socialized to think that life is a linear affair. There is a set way we raise our kids and expect them to do certain things so that they can become something better. This is true especially when it comes to education. Here in Kenya you are expected to go through the 8-4-4 system in hope to get a good job after graduation.

From my experience, the system loses so many people in between who are left figuring what to do with themselves. There are no proper provisions for those who are cut off from the system. And as usual, they ‘hassle’ their way into life. Some make it while others find themselves stuck in the mess.

Though this is a sad situation, there is still hope for those who find themselves cut off from the system. And the way to survive is by learning how to beat the system at its own game; by developing something that cannot be ignored and by creating one own niche. But since most people believe so much in the system, once they get cut off they imagine that is the end for them and live like losers the rest of their lives.

I have observed people who are cut from the system at class eight and by learning how to do things with their hands, they earn a livelihood. I have also observed great minds that go to high school and come out as hooligans. Yet I have observed form four leavers who do not manage to go on and they learn a trade that becomes Business Empire. Yet again, some great minds join campus and lose focus and direction, to go back to the village and live the same life the class 8 drop out has been living.

Then we have those who graduate and get good jobs and then they just get lost in the system. Attending a burial of such a person, you don’t hear anything significant that came out of their lives.

My point is in one way or another, the system may not accommodate everyone. But when we are cut off the system, we shouldn’t beat ourselves. We need to learn how to maximize the minimum resources we have to reap the maximum benefits. At the end of the day, it’s not the strongest or the wisest that survives, it’s those who learnt to keep adapting to the changing circumstances of life that finish strong and better.

It so easy to live life miserably, beating ourselves because we didn’t make it to campus or because we didn’t get our dream job or something of such sort. It is also so easy to deceive ourselves that since we are in the system we are safe, but nothing is sure these days, you could lose your job, your business can go bankrupt, your husband can die, anything can happen. But that should not worry you as much as the inability to adapt to the unexpected.

The system may cut you off, don’t beat yourself. Beat the system. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter how glorious the beginning was if you don’t get to the finish. And when it becomes hard to continue, never hesitate to turn to God for renewed conviction, courage, and strength. “I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ” – Philippians1:6 NIV

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Am Afraid, Am Afraid Not!

Am afraid am not afraid
Am afraid am afraid
Let’s just say am afraid

Am afraid am not afraid to die
Unless I lose my life, I can never gain it.

Am afraid am not afraid to be laughed at
Laughter is medicine to their bones

Am afraid am not afraid to be myself
Jesus only crime was love; him being himself

Am afraid am not afraid to be poor
Naked I came, Naked shall I return

Am afraid am not afraid things may fall apart
On the solid rock I stand

But am afraid
Am afraid am afraid to be rich
What if I gained the whole world and lost my soul?

Am afraid am afraid of labels
I live on the border and everywhere in between
What if I don’t fit in?

Am afraid am afraid of life
The much give, the much required
What if I lose it for keeping it?

Am afraid, Am afraid not
Let’s just say am afraid

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Future is Now

Don’t wait for the inevitable
If it’s something you want
Why say some day I’ll be able to
Or in a few years

If it’s something you believe
It’s inevitable and worthwhile
Try doing it now
Rather than later.

Monday, February 14, 2011

On The Knees

You have pursued her in vain
The chase now becoming a pain
You know she is into you
Yet she is acting a fool
You wish to get her on her knees
By trying all the tricks and skills
Be a man, be a lion
Get your knees on
Take it to God in prayer
And you will know who’s the player

The Red Dot

The red dot on Japan’s flag
A mark of aggression for a tiny island
A reminder that I can get it right first time
A sign that the strength is not always in the might
The red dot on Japan’s flag fuels me to quality

The red dot on the Hindu’s face
A mark of reincarnation for the after life
A reminder that I choose what to be next time
A sign that what I do today affects my tomorrow
The red dot on the Hindu’s face motivates me to character

The red dot on the traffic light
A mark of stillness for a moment
A reminder that haste could lead to danger
A sign of order while approaching a roundabout
The red dot on the traffic light sobers my mind to decisiveness

The red dot on the TV remote control
A mark of power; on and off button
A reminder that it just takes a thumb punch
A sign of will to open up a new world
The red dot on the TV remote control provokes self control

The red dot on the extension cable
A mark of current that is flowing
A reminder that I can run a big machine
A sign of making work easier
The red dot on the extension cable quickens me to relationships

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Was I Sorry?

I stood at kencom sipping coke.
On my last sip I sneezed.
My mouth contents landed on a pretty lady’s hair and back.
I thought that was funny and I laughed sheepishly.
But from the look on the lady’s face, I felt ashamed and sorry.
Not that the content messed her up, but that I laughed.

Was I really sorry?
I wonder coz I kept laughing all the way home

Friday, February 11, 2011

All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten

I was reading a book by Robert Fulghum tittled All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten and I must say it's quite refreshing. He says most of what he really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be he learned in kindergarten. Wisdom was not at the top of graduate school mountain, but there in the sand pile at Sunday School.

These are things he says he learned:
Share everything.
Play fair.
Don't hit people.
Put things back where you found them.
Clean up your own mess.
Don't take things that aren't yours.
Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody.
Wash your hands before you eat.
Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.
Live a balance life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
Take a nap every afternoon.
When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together
Be aware of wonder.

This got me thinking about what I learned in nursery school (i didn't go to kindergarten). This was July 1988 and I don’t have much memories of this. I was enrolled to a nursery school that had two streams. One class was the bright kids; those who were in their second year, and the foolish ones, those who were in their first year. Having joined the school midyear, I knew nothing. Again, here everyone was speaking vernacular and I was a boy from the city.

We used to do songs more than read. I used to love break time where boy and girls would sing together without the feeling that this is a girl or this is a boy. I remember girls would sing a song that ended with them lifting their dress to show us their underpants and we would all giggle. The boys would look for dung beetles. We would urinated inside their holes and beetles would come up and we would have them as pets. Some beetles had horns and if you had one like that, you were the day's hero. We would hunt locusts and eat gum from the gum tree

I learnt so many songs that still linger in my mind to this day. Being in school was great. We would have our exercise books cut into two and the pencil cut into small pieces. My pencil would fit in a matchbox which was my pencil case. I had a big knit bag and some days I would get home and realize I have lost the book and the pencil. But since our teacher followed the same route she would collect the book on the way and bring it home.

Alternatively the book would be collected by a villager and they would bring it home. Some of the memories are the tourist headed to mountain lodge. They would give us sweets, take us photos and such. But there was a scare that they steal kids and go with them to Europe and turn them into monkeys. And when they take your photo they add tails to it and go show the African monkey. And so we would run away every time we saw a tour van.

And class used to start at 9.00 am to end at noon. And we never used to wear uniform. I never used to like any reading that was not musical especially mathematics which was just counting. I remember this day our teacher was away and we had another teacher. I never used to know how to count and I would just gaze waiting for the first person to finish and we duck outside and play. My teacher never cared. But the new teacher was harsh.

This day she was there and when the first kid finished the sums, she took to the teacher and on marking she got everything. I closed my booklet and started walking out now that I had someone to play with. Our new teacher couldn’t understand. She denied me to go out and demanded I do my sums and get them right before I go out. You can guess what happened. Everyone did their sum and went out to play. I was left alone in class and the teacher whose desk was near the door sworn I was not going anywhere until I finish.

The sound of other kids playing outside made me want to die. I couldn’t believe I was missing break. I tried guessing the answers to the sums, only to use my saliva-wetted finger to try erase and in turn dirtied and torn the book. I wanted to kill the teacher. I just didn’t know how. So, I gathered momentum and found my way out through the window. She was not amused.

She came after me and when she got me she pinched my cheeks I bled. The next day, my mother brought me to school and gave her a piece of her mind. My mum didn’t care if I can’t get anything in class, so longer no one beats me and I am allowed to play. That was enough learning.

What did I learn in nursery school? Would I say that this is all I need to learn? I am not sure, but this is what I would say I learned.

  1. You can turn everything into a musical or at least rhythmical.
  2. If you are not getting it, join them for play after they are done, and celebrate life.
  3. No one should stop you from doing what makes you happy even if they think it’s nonsense
  4. Networking is key, join a play group. you can never do life alone.
  5. Life should be fun and free, the rest comes as you go by.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A day; be interested

The spectacular sunrise that no longer startles our eyes
The fresh morning breeze that no longer awaken our nerves
The melodious singing birds that no longer inspire our days
Instead, the honks and the alarm clock
The aromatizing sunset that no longer appetites our taste buds

Life is to gain, to gather, to farther, to no end

We’ve been robbed of life’s glory; how did we get here?
No longer experience a staggering life;
How did we get this nasty? This hasty?
Not that life aint staggering anymore
But we are so used, we feel nothing.
Like brats, we no longer are impressed
No longer impressed with the gifts freely given

It’s just another day, another week, another year
It’s just another child being born, just another funeral
It’s just another person next in the bus, just another guy
How did we get this nasty? This hasty?
(long pause)

Life is staggering
Life is beautiful
Be interested
Take time and let
Let life’s beauty unfold

And in moments of nothingness
Life is magnificently beautiful

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You Are Never Displaced

Have you ever felt like you are displaced, lost and not where you want to be in life. Maybe it’s your job and you are not feeling it. Or maybe it’s just that you are not meeting up your expectations in life, and you kind of don’t know how to get there. I used to feel like that a lot and it was frustrating. The feeling of desiring to succeed, yet when I look at where I was, I felt like I had lost way and I was never to get to my dreams.

Ambitious people tend to have high expectations out of themselves and most of the time, before they get to achieve their dreams, they live miserably, feeling like losers yet when people look at their lives they seem to have it held together. No wonder they say, most of the happy people in the world have the least expectations. But you don’t need to lessen your expectations to be happy. It’s healthy to be ambitious and to think big. But we need to take care not to live a miserable life as we try to get there. How do we do that?  

Have you ever heard the story of the builder who was about to retire and his demanding boss requested him to build one more last house? The builder; who had dedicated himself fully all his life, felt as if the boss was taking advantage of him. He agreed to build the last house but for once in his life, his heart was not in it. In a hurry trying to finish his career, he did a shoddy job. And as the boss threw a farewell party on his retirement, he handed him the keys to the house he had just build last.

When we feel displaced, we tend to do things just for the sake. You find someone going for work just because he needs a pay check at the end of the month. The feeling of displacement makes one do thing half heartedly. You become unsettled and anxious all the time and you lose the touch of excellence.

When I was thinking about this, I was reminded of David’s story. Refer to 1 Samuel 16, 17 and 18. I was imagining how David used to feel, when he would see his brothers going for war and he would be sent to look after the sheep. I mean, even when the prophet came to anoint one of Jesse’s son, David was not around.
It was so easy for David to feel misplaced. I know within his heart, he had dreams of being a warrior and accompanying his big brothers for war. I imagine their conversations in the evening; his brothers are narrating how terrorizing Goliath had become, and as David would try to recall his events with the sheep, the brothers would rudely interrupt him, wondering what is this boy talking about. We all know how we cut off our small brother’s silly stories. I know I did.

Yet David was dedicated in his task even with the expected feeling of displacement. He wouldn’t leave the sheep alone and try and sneak to the battlefield to watch like I would have done. No, he would dutifully look after the sheep. What encourages me most is seeing how God was still developing his muscles for war while at the pasture land. I mean he fought the bear and the lion. And so when, by accident, he saw Goliath trying to defy the armies of God, the build dimensions of a warrior in him rose and he took the challenge.

I have been a victim of despising my current placement as I try to capture the desired life. But one thing I have come to learn is that my faithfulness in the place I am will eventually fuel my getting to my desired place. God in his own way is able to prepare us for the future with our present. Even when we feel like our present state is like a waste of time. We just need to be faithful.

Most people called by God, still don’t believe all things work for good. ALL THINGS.  And when you understand that, you will be faithful in the things that in your natural thinking may not seem to take you to your desired place. Look at Abraham in Genesis 12, God tell him to follow him to a place he will be shown. God doesn’t tell him the place at first. He unfolds Abraham’s journey as he walk in faith and obedience day to day. That’s how God works.

That is our call. Your faith in God should always remind you that he is using your current place to prepare you for your place of honor. People may see as if you are just a shepherd boy, but God is using that to prepare a king, a leader who shepherds a whole nation and a warrior. Just be faithful in the little, you shall be made in charge of much. Don’t miss your opportunity like the old builder.

The Day Dreamer’s Dream Days

I spend most of my days daydreaming
One day I will sell the stuff I create in my day dreams
And I will make loads and loads of money
And maybe then I will not be ashamed
I will be living my dream days
But maybe am just day dreaming

I spend most of my hours day dreaming
Of this great story I will write
Of living a different kind of life
Of a kinder life, less abstract
Of a better man, a better husband
And I am interrupted by the reality of my life
But maybe am not just day dreaming

I spend most of my seconds day dreaming
And this second I interrupt that thought
And I gaze at the beauty of it all            
Coz deep down in my heart
I know it’s more than day dreaming
It’s the appetite of the life that beckons
When all these daydreams become my dream days.