Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Future is Now

Don’t wait for the inevitable
If it’s something you want
Why say some day I’ll be able to
Or in a few years

If it’s something you believe
It’s inevitable and worthwhile
Try doing it now
Rather than later.


  1. Carol Mandi had put up a very good article on this on Sunday-how we were always told we are the leaders of tomorrow; how we are always caught between reminiscing the past and hoping for the future and never enjoying the moment. Savor Today!

  2. @Anon... I missed the article but I agree with her, we have to savor the today! Cheers.

  3. Looking at the mirror reminds me so much of this fact....
    when i look at the mirror to see me now,with my image is what is behind where i stand...my past.
    and if ad put another mirror behind me,it multiplies my image into infinity...the future...made of repetition of who i am at every moment i live.