Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Accounting For Life - IFRS 99

Someone said that we live life forward but understand it backward. And I must say that statement has some element of truth. When I was thinking about this I realized life is more like an accounting profession.

The other day my friends and I went to some pricey restaurant to devour some international cuisine. It was one of those things you do once in a year because for sure we don't work for the stomach but for other things as well. The meal was orgasmic as much as the pleasure was short lived once the bill was presented.

Then we started discussing about giving a tip. My friends are all trained accountants. So obviously no one was willing to give a tip. So I asked how come accountants are that mean they are not willing to give a tip? It's at that point I was corrected. Accountants are not mean; it is just that they have to match each expense to a budget line. Unfortunately in the accounting system, they don’t have an entry for tips. 

The dilemma is, how do you account for a tip? The amazing thing is even when you are on official duty and you have been given some money to use, if you give tips to those who serve you, when you go back to the office, you are not reimbursed the tips you gave. The principle is, match all your expenses to a budget line and provide documentation for the same.

That is a stressing life.

Lucky are the accountants, for when we get to heaven it will be easy for them. The bible says, and each one of us shall give an account for their lives. And all those of you who think matching your expenses to a budget line and providing documentation is a lot of work, woe unto you. How will you account for your life?

So, I have come up with an International Financial Reporting Standard IFRS 99 – Accounting for Life as a guideline for you as you prepare your books when your financial year finally ends and you life stops being a going concern or is liquidated.

·         Create your budget lines – Love, forgiveness, kindness, faithfulness, integrity, stewardship, fruitfulness among others

·         Match your expenses to a budget line –For example, when you incur hatred, show love, when you are wronged, forgive.

·         Finally, provide documentation – Let your life be a testimony!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Prayer of UPGRADING

Lord I come to you, an older version of me
The version that is outdated
The version that you have declared obsolete
The version that cannot accomplish what you desire
And I ask that you may upgrade me
Give me a new processor,with higher speeds and bigger RAM
So that I can be swift to carry out your commands
And a capacity to do more than I have been doing
Increase my hard drive, that I may store more of your values
In built in me a bluetooth that I may discern the sorrounding
And have the capacity to connect with those with similar values
Put a webcam that I may be able to relate better with others
Put some inbuilt speakers
So that I may be able to communicate with you
Dont forget to give me a nice finish
That I may reflect your beauty and character
Make my battery last longer
That I may have the strength to walk my salvation in strength
And not just rely on corporate power

Upgrade me oh Lord
That I may influence those around me
That when they look at me
They will desire what they see
They will come to seek out what I have
And they will find JESUS INSIDE

I pray also that you may provide the best softwares
A clean heart as my motherboard
Your word as my operating system
Your spirit as the internet connection
Your people as my networking system

And with that upgrading,
I will not miss out on being serviced
And I will take care my new version
The upgraded ME

Thank you Lord for you have done it
In Jesus Name

Monday, January 2, 2012

Make My Day

You know those days when something special happens in your day and you go... this just made my day. Sometimes it’s just an act of kindness, a funny joke or a gesture of humanness.

Life can be so ordinary that we find ourselves going through the motions.

As the year starts, I was asking myself what do I do that everyday I will have that moment of .. this or that made my day.What do I do?

Then I remember the verse that say, This is the day that the Lord has MADE, I will rejoice and be glad in it. This means that, my day is already made J

At the end of it all the lesson is to look at the ordinary with a special eye.

I would have loved this note to make your day, but I am glad that the Lord has made a day for you. REJOICE