Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Prayer of UPGRADING

Lord I come to you, an older version of me
The version that is outdated
The version that you have declared obsolete
The version that cannot accomplish what you desire
And I ask that you may upgrade me
Give me a new processor,with higher speeds and bigger RAM
So that I can be swift to carry out your commands
And a capacity to do more than I have been doing
Increase my hard drive, that I may store more of your values
In built in me a bluetooth that I may discern the sorrounding
And have the capacity to connect with those with similar values
Put a webcam that I may be able to relate better with others
Put some inbuilt speakers
So that I may be able to communicate with you
Dont forget to give me a nice finish
That I may reflect your beauty and character
Make my battery last longer
That I may have the strength to walk my salvation in strength
And not just rely on corporate power

Upgrade me oh Lord
That I may influence those around me
That when they look at me
They will desire what they see
They will come to seek out what I have
And they will find JESUS INSIDE

I pray also that you may provide the best softwares
A clean heart as my motherboard
Your word as my operating system
Your spirit as the internet connection
Your people as my networking system

And with that upgrading,
I will not miss out on being serviced
And I will take care my new version
The upgraded ME

Thank you Lord for you have done it
In Jesus Name

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