Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If I Die Young

Things happen and people die. People die and we are left saying they died before their time. I believe people die in their time and not on our time. And it is never our time because we take people for granted. And when their time is over, we are left agonizing and wishing we had just another minute with them.

This life is not mine but just a whisper from God. And so everyday I share my thoughts through my writings, I cherish my friends, I love my wife and I focus on honoring God because I only have today. I do my best and enjoy my life because today is my present. I live in gratitude for I know I am on time and if times runs out, I have an eternal hope in Christ.

And if I die young, I wonder what would be of my thoughts, what would it be of the idea of me. Maybe I would be worth so much more after I'm dead. And maybe people would hear the words I have been saying. People would start knowing me. People would start reading my work. People  would love me more than they did when I was alive. And people would create a page on facebook in my honor, and they would say all the nice things about me. And then life would go on.

But I want you to listen now, I want you to know me now, for if I die young, it will be on time.


  1. i really love this piece.it hits the matter at heart.Am happy i try to live wat this blog talks about.to live a full life,to enjoy today,to live,to love and to laugh!!To have peace with my GOD.

    1. Keep living, keep loving and keep laughing. And be at peace with yourself and with God.

  2. I love this piece. Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Wow - this was a great post Yusuf! I like when you said "If i die young, it will be on time".