Friday, August 12, 2011

When Mercy Offends

Simon was my high school classmate and a weed supplier in school. He was a day scholar and when we were in form 2 our CRE teacher discovered that Simon didn't know the Lord's prayer. So the teacher charged me with the task to teach him the prayer. So we became friends. Not a friend as in a friend but we would talk and we didn't have those walls people put between the savedees and the school crooks. I also liked Simon because he used to lend me his text books which he didn't have time to read. He scored a D- in KCSE.

I am walking in town, I have an important meeting and am running late. Guess who I meet? Simon. He is so delighted to meet me, it's been like 7 years since we left high school. He started narrating to me how he appreciates how I showed him the love of God fr being his friend and when I would preach to him. And he told me that my efforts were not in vain because he got saved like a month prior. I didn't believe him.

He proceeded to give a testimony and yenyewe he was so happy. Yet I still didn't believe. And since I was in a hurry to a meeting I had to excuse myself. I pretended to be happy, I hugged him and I wanted to leave. In my heart I didn't see how Simon could be saved. I knew him too well. I knew he was good with his mouth and he always had very interesting stories. I felt maybe he was trying to impress me so that he can borrow me some cash. He looked like he needed some. And so before he could ask I voluntarily gave him a 200 note. We exchanged numbers and I left.

Throughout the day I kept replaying the brief encounter with Simon. I knew he was just trying to milk me some cash and he must have been happy that I produced something. And that was my version of the story. The was no way Simon could have received Christ as his Savior.

I am in shags. It's Christmas and as usual everyone has come home. We are hanging out at the local trading center. I meet a few of my former classmates and we are happy as usual to see each other. Then I meet Richard. Richard was also my classmate, who was neighbors to Simon. And on asking him how Simon was, He told me that Simon actually got saved and he now serves as a missionary. He is so changed and doing so well with his life that Richard was getting inspired to get saved.

I was so ashamed. I realized if I was god for a day how some people would suffer. I realized I don't know mercy or love. I realized am such a hypocrite. The guy who stays at the gate. He is not getting in and not allowing others to come in. If Simon had expected me to lead him to the Lord, most likely he would have waited all his life...

And now I know that mercy offends. When you think you know God, He surprises you like that. When you are there feeling sorry that your village thief has just been caught, crucified and now headed to hell, he is actually on his way to paradise. On his cross he met the savior. Just when you think that girl is a gone case, God's love meets her and makes her new.

How i pray that I will have a heart like our Lord's, the love like that of our God and a compassionate spirit that sees a saint in every sinner. God help me :-).

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