Monday, May 30, 2011

I don't Know

Living in the information age makes everyone assume that just because you can find information so easily so you know it. Especially on how to live life and to do it well for the after life. One thing I am learning with life is that I actually know nothing. And that is why I have accepted the student role in life.

If you show life that you know it, you will soon discover that you have no idea. But when you choose to let life teach you, then you find that life is much better. Every situation, every person and every circumstance becomes a learning process for you and then life becomes a learning experience.

And even our faith, we cannot assume that we know, that we have read the bible a hundred times. That is deception. As the bible says man lives by the proceeding word from the mouth of God, we must then keep listen afresh each day that we may hear the word for the season. Most people are missing the ways and the moves of God because they already think they know.

Teach me oh Lord thy ways, hold my hand and help me walk with you.... i don't know... I have not been this way before.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It’s for God to Judge

Why would God put a commandment and declared that you should not covet after your neighbors’ wife? You can never understand that until you get married! When I was thinking about that (triggered by someone’s comment how I have the best wife, which I do and I thank God), I realized most of the time we look outwardly and not inwardly to gauge how well we are doing.

When I was a kid, I remember cooking stories about my parents especially my dad so that we don’t look like we are down. And we would go further to bragging among other kids when we have cooked chapos and kuku or something like that. And kids would take turns proving how good they are beyond the rest.

I remember when I was in class three after the Easter holidays, I came bragging to my desk mate the way our dad took us to the Aberdares country lodge and the fun we had. Then he narrated to me how they went visiting their uncle in Gilgil and how they went through a roundabout. The funny part of this story is I felt so defeated because I hadn’t been to Gilgil and I didn’t know what a roundabout was and my simple mind imagined going through a roundabout must be a greater experience beyond the visit we had.

Last month I had a chance to pass through Gilgil on my way to Nakuru and didn’t I laugh at myself when I remembered that story, there is no roundabout in Gilgil!

Human beings have a tendency to compare with their peers, thus the word peer pressure. We have developed a competitive spirit and we actually evaluate how well someone is doing based on how other people are doing. That is why it is generally acceptable among some people to fake till they make it. But I have been thinking how erroneous and empty such a thing is.

That is nothing compared to what people say about those who die, especially if such people are not religious or have conspicuous character flaws. In low tones and in whispers, you will hear some declaring how they are rotting in hell and such, and then the funeral is just a PR exercise. But does it matter? I mean they are already dead.

I have been thinking about it and I must say it’s something I want to get out of. Our lives are not for comparison, because we have different gifts, different stories and different reasons why God placed us on earth. And as much as we would want everyone to adhere to our own code of values, we must be ready to accept that we could be wrong.

I like what Paul says when he say, I consider everything else rubbish to the knowing of Christ. And that is the place I would like to get to. And in that place, you only wish the best for other people, not thinking highly or lowly of yourself but just living your life to please God.

Why do people talk bad about Judas the Iscariot? Have you ever considered that part of his purpose on earth was to betray Jesus so that he can actually be crucified for you and me to access salvation? And if that was his purpose, why wouldn’t God accept him in his Kingdom for doing his purpose? Just a thought

I am so sure at the cross very few people knew that the thief on the right hand of Christ spent his evening in paradise. Maybe the person he stole from prided in the justice he got through crucifixion and she would narrate how in hell he was rotting…. How erroneous.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter what we think about you as human beings, what matters is what God thinks about you. And so we should focus on pleasing God and not men, and stop judging other people because we don’t know what God is up to with their lives. And most of all, that we may accept who we are and grateful for what God has blessed us with.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hadithi Za Abunwasi

Now there is this debate that the world is ending on 21st May 2011. And as I follow tweets, status updates and peeps conversations one thing is evidence; how casual people have become with God. There is no much fear of God in our generation. The word of God has just become hadithi za abunwasi.

The end will surely come; we just don’t know the timings. And that is not even the important thing. The important thing is what is Jesus coming for? That is what we should be focusing on becoming for him. In Acts 3:21 the bible says that Jesus must remain in heaven until the restoration of all things spoken by the holy prophets. This means, believers should focus on accomplishing the spoken word and thus becoming the bride Christ is coming for.

Just imagine on the wedding day, the bride gets prepared thoroughly. In details. And when Jesus says that he is building his church; that is what he is looking at doing, thoroughly preparing his bride (the church) for himself.

And so our focus should be to mature up in Christ, to attain his full measure and to fulfill the spoken word by actualizing it. The enemy’s strategy is to create little fires here and there that catch the attention of every believer and thus losing focus on what we ought to be doing. The enemy also seeks to make the finish (not the end), look like a myth or something impossible. And in so doing, people will forever wander in the wilderness and the powerful word of God will just be hadithi za abunwasi to those who are perishing.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Start with gratitude

The place to start anything is to have gratitude.

Be thankful for the situation.

And for the desire to better it.

Maybe not happy about it,

Yet joyous for the lessons

The situation avails for life.

For you are responsible

For everything in your life

And everything in some way comes to serve you.

So, look for blessings, and you will find them.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The voices in my head

In moments of joy
The voices in my head
The voices of my friends
The moments we shared

In moments of work
The voices in my head
The voices of my teachers
The years we shared

In moments of despair
The voices in my head
The voices of my parents
The wisdom they shared

In moments of thoughts
The voices in my head
The voices of my generation
The future to share

In moments of doubt
The voices in my head
The voice of the word of God
The life they share

And in moments like this
The voice in my head
The voice of love
This moment we share.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The little missing part

The spotless leopard, the lioness
The strip less zebra, the donkey
The tusk less elephant the mammoth
The tailless monkey, the gorilla
The harmless snake, the worm

A single part of you missing
Changes the real you by far.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What would we do without Technology?

In my previous post, I came out as if I was hating on technology. I wasn't. I was actually hating on the way people are slowly neglecting very important aspects of being humans. There are things that technology cannot replace. One of them is the importance of human touch.

Nonetheless, we must appreciate the ease of life technology has brought. I wouldn't have asked to be born in another time. This is the ideal time. We are able to do so much more than we could previously. And so it would be very sad for those who are still reluctant to change and to embrace technology. If you are such a person just know that life is passing you by.

With the world in yours hands, what are your opportunities? Do not miss!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I don't Like the World in Your Hands

Now that the whole globe is accessible through hand held gadgets, how much of it do you hold? To reach out to someone, you just need to buzz them or find them online. You can hug them, laugh until you roll and slap them if they are bothering you. You can share your mind in tweets, update your status and mark your location. And the world which you connect with can access you instantly.

 But what happens to the slow ones like me who prefer a face to face chat on a street bench, a walk on the road licking ice cream or playing flute with a green maize? What happens to me who wants a hugs, and who wants to laugh out loud until no sound is coming out of the mouth.? What happens to me?

It is sad when friends are connecting laughing out loud with a blank stare.
It's sad when a phone rings to interrupt a one on one with a friend, and takes over.
It's sad when the world in my hands cannot touch me when i desperately need a human touch
It's just sad.

But this is the new world; exciting, advanced, instant and small. Everyone is connected with everyone else. The world is literally in our hands. We can do with it as we wish. And the best thing about all this, I don't like it that much.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How Great Thou Art (no more)?

There is nothing as refreshing as a walk in the forest, or when you sit still at the bank of a river with your legs dipped in the water, or when you are listening to a water fall. It is also refreshing to feel a breeze of the wind on the top of a hill and having a look at the villages down there. Nature is refreshing.
And that is why the writer of the hymn how great thou art captured the nature of God. I mean the beauty of a high mountain is exhilarating, the singing birds, the therapeutic brooks and such can only reflect the beauty of the creator.
The other day I was thinking on what will be left of nature to show the beauty of my creator to my grandchildren. I fear the rivers will have dried up, the beautiful indigenous forest will have been settled on, the mountains will have no more snow, the birds will have nowhere to stay so that they can lead us in praise during morning glory, the elephants and their trumpets will only be available as videos online. What will I tell my grandchildren?
The degradation of the beauty of our environment has an adverse effect on how God, who is the creator, is perceived. I know he is sovereign to create and destroy, but what about when we as humans become the destroyers. Are we not attacking the NATURE of God? And when the effects of our irresponsibility become destructive, how then shall we sing how great thou art?
How I take care of the environment is of great importance if I am concerned as how God is perceived by the generations to come. I may not do much, but I can do the best with what I have. Plant a tree or two each year, use water wisely, preserve the energy and just be a faithful steward.
It is so easy to blame God when disaster struck, and to start thinking of how cruel and evil God is to send us the floods and such, yet we could and can do something now to make sure the future ahead of us reflects the beauty of creation and the nature of God.