Saturday, December 24, 2011

All They Know is Baby Jesus

Amazing how the world celebrates baby Jesus. The songs, the decor, the displays and the stories. It is all about the baby born at the manger. The magical story. The amazing couple, The sherperds and the wo la la.

The sad thing is we don’t know how to relate with a grown up Jesus. I mean, this baby Jesus grows to be commanding. He beats the crap out of guys in the temple, He even tell His mother how she doesn’t understand. He tell of those burying the dead, that only the dead should bury the dead. He calls his best friend satan. His friend is sick and goes to visit 3 days after he is dead. And when he is there, he doesn’t appreciate Martha’s effort of getting him something to eat. He commends Mary for sitting herself at his feet. This dude teaches his pals not to wash hands before eating. He talks in parables so that people may not understand. He talks harshly to the religious lot. He actualy calls them a brood of vipers. And when a multitude is waiting for him at the shore, He runs away from them and goes somewhere else. He goes to a pool with hundreds of sick people and heals only one and walks away. The guy tells his disciples to eat his body. I mean, this guy is something else!

Yeah the world likes Baby Jesus. He is easy to handle. We can sing to him, take gifts to him and all. But Jesus the adult.... He is a King we can’t easily please unless we deny ourselves and carry our cross everyday. He is so demanding that He gives us a narrow gate to his Kingdom. He wants you to be born again when you are already an adult. He want you to do only that which you see him do and all that He asks we do. Jesus the adult, He is just something the world can’t handle. 

Hurray! It is Christmas. But which Jesus are you embracing? Is it Baby Jesus or is Jesus the King of Kings? It’s you to decide.....


  1. That be true....

  2. Baby Jesus is dependant,Adult Jesus is incharge.I guess we want to be in control.

  3. @Joshua Musi thanks

    @Anon.. you are so right. We want to be in charge. Blessed are those who learn to surrender.... Happy Holidays