Saturday, July 28, 2012

Think Differently!

Sometimes it feels like life has already been thought out for most people. I mean, must we do things the way they have always been done? I was telling some people the other day that I am tired of using other people's quote. Not in a selfish way, but I too should start uttering fresh quotable quotes. This story of wahenga walisema... needs a fresh start. I want to be a mhenga and start speaking to my generation.

It is time we started innovating. Bringing new stuff to this world. Creating our own future and not waiting for the future to be created for us. What kind of a country do we want? Let us create it. What kind of a generation do we want to be? Let us build ourselves. I am tired of a life already dictated, by tradition that has lost meaning, by religion that has no power, by a lifestyle that is empty and by a past that is just but past. 

And am not just tired,I am doing something to challenge the status quo.

We must start to design the life we want, we must start to shape the globe.