Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where Do I start?

How can a big man like me... start all over again?

The dilemma of Nicodemus in John 3 was not a religious quagmire but a struggle with reality. Nicodemus was a teacher of the law and had matured in the faith of his time, yet he lacked the ability to access the next level of the kingdom. And that is why he visited Jesus at night fearing people might see him and lose faith in him. The truth was Nicodemus had lost faith in himself.

And when Jesus told him that all he needed was to be born again, he lost the battle. By the way what happened to the story? Did Jesus lead Nicodemus to himself?

The thing about getting born again is having to start all over again. Nicodemus must have done everything required by faith for him to acquire the status as the teacher of law. Yet, he still needed much more. He needed to start all over again to align his life with the current doings and speakings of God which were activated by the coming of Jesus the messiah.

Born again is not an event. It is a process. A process of starting life all over again everyday. Living by the basics and learning how to access the new daily. To access the Kingdom everyday. Not assuming you know how to do it but rather asking God to show you the way everyday. Not approaching life from a place of competence but rather obedience. Operating with the current speakings of God.

It is also a journey. A journey of accumulating values. A journey of becoming. Becoming like Him. And yeah, Nicodemus reminds me even as a teacher of the law, I too I am a seeker of Life. And so I run in a manner to win the prize. Being careful not to teach others and be disqualified. Keeping in step with the Savior.

Lord, what would have me do today? That is my posture :-)


  1. great post. the end of learning and growth is the beginning of death. the renewal of our minds is therefore a daily exercise