Friday, April 8, 2011

Silent Night.... Really?

I don't understand how the night Jesus was born could have been a silent night. I don't understand. First of all the government being a government asks her citizens to go back to their home towns for census. It's like being asked to go shags for voting. Joseph and Mary must have been in their late teens, young in marriage and almost due for delivery. I have tried to imagine their circumstance.

I can imagine when the labor pains started and Joseph tried looking for a decent place for delivery. Delivery of God's son. And as he hustled from one inn to another, the places were fully booked. Mary must have wondered what kind of husband she had who cannot anticipate situations. I mean, he should have made earlier arrangements for his expectant, almost due wife. But I imagine he was not that sharp.

I can imagine when he came with the news that every decent place was booked and Mary was here screaming in pain. They must have panicked. I imagine what was going through her mind. How can I be delivering the savior of the world in this situation? She must have felt inadequate. And even as they decided on the cow shed, it was a decision they made out of no choice. Mary must have screamed the loudest and Joseph had no other option but to find a place to let her deliver; and it was in the manger. And who was the midwife? It must have been his not so sharp Joseph.

And then you tell me about a silent night??? Think again. I don't see any silence at all. The birth of the saviour was full of chaos, hard questions, difficult realities and trying circumstances. But in all this, He was born healthy.

And that is how most things born of God get delivered. In situations where you are not understanding the circumstances surrounding you, when the reality is difficult and the situation is not as expected. But if we keep pushing and keep the right heart posture, God will always make it happen for us. I think Mary is on of the most humble of being we read about in the bible. She is delivering the savior of the world and all she can say is .... be it unto me according to your word. And even when the worst came to worse she accepted her circumstances knowing so well that God's word must come to pass. If we lose anything else, let it not be the word we have from the Lord.


  1. Yes... its a funny article, who came up with that idea of a silent night? And even came up with a song that is almost sung quietly.
    Clearly i have come to understand and appreciate that the day of the Lord can never be a silent day.
    The word of God lives to see its fulfillment and so should be the carrier.
    The other though that is popping is how we try so hard to please God.

  2. Just let go and let God do it through you :-)