Monday, March 28, 2011

Eyeing the Things that Count

What would you do if your needs were catered for, for a whole year?

You must agree most of us are occupied everyday in what we call work but more often than not we are just on the paper chase. We are looking for money to cater for our needs and more money to make life easier, and more money so that we can afford a few luxuries. And that is okay.

Most people in my generation are concerned with amassing wealth for ourselves. We want it big, we want to make a statement, we want to be on the top of the pyramid, we want to be up there. And that too is okay.

What happened to calling? What happened to service? 

The other Saturday I had a whole day with high school students in a boys school in Murang’a. And as we were doing an afternoon session, which I was teaching about attitude, I realized no one wants to be a teacher, or a shepherd of the people of God. And as much as no one gave a reason for that, it is evidence we have lost the sense of calling. Where people would give their lives out to serve the community and leave a mark in the lives of many generations. That is not found in us anymore. 

We don’t mind serving the community so long as they compensate for hostile conditions and provide 4 by 4 for us to ride on, no wonder we have enough NGO’s. But I wonder who they are serving more; themselves or the communities.

And as life tends to do, not all of us get to become the doctors we dreamed about, and as fate would have, some actually end up becoming teachers. And since most of us are just in OCCUPATION and not following a CALL, you can excuse the state of our current generation. We are occupied all day and night, rushing through life as we try to make ends meet. But is that all; to meet ends?

What would I do for a whole year if all my needs were catered for? I would go for a holiday. Sad as it may sound, but I have realized even when I talk about serving community and blaming my lack of enough resources and time for not doing something in my society, those are just lame excuses. I have no community sense in my heart. I want to serve the community if in doing so I get served. And that explain our leadership crisis. We want to serve our people to be served.

And as I reflect on the state of my life in regards to service, calling and leadership, I can only desire for a complete metamorphosis, to drop self interest and seek to serve where I can and to capture the call in my life. And as I struggle to make ends meet, I will not neglect my part in society to leave this place a little better than I found it. And so I want to get hold of the things that matter. 

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