Monday, March 14, 2011

What is my Cut?

If you are in business you know how difficult it can be especially when you have people asking what their cut is before they give you business. It’s a crazy mess. In deed the world is trading with the souls of men. When you hear Jesus ask the worth of a man gaining the world and losing his soul, He knew exactly what he was talking about.

I am not here to talk about business though, I was just thinking about the cut issue and I developed a thought process that I want to share.

If indeed all we have belongs to God, our lives, our dreams and our plans, what is His cut? I mean, it is so easy to go around in our endeavors and forget to involve God. Yet He desires to partner with us in all we do. Today I was listening to a paralyzed woman give a testimony. She was saying that at times she is so tired with life and with being helpless and being on the wheel chair. But she has learnt it is not her life. So when she is tired she prays and tells God. “God, today I have no strength, give me your strength to carry on today”. When she doesn’t feel happy, she would pray and say, God today I want to wear your smile, coz I have none of my own.

In pain and in joy, God wants his cut in all you are doing. What is God’s cut in your time, your money, your life? God wants to do business with you, and he doesn't just need a cut, He wants everything it!

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