Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So What?

Life becomes so structured at times it’s boring; like waking up on Monday and waking up on Tuesday. Why can’t the weekend start on Monday? And talk of weekends, I actually at times can’t tell the difference between a weekday and a weekend, because I will have to wake up early every day, I will have to work harder everyday and I will struggle to wake up every day. There is no easy day to just relax and do nothing.

And I love doing nothing.

Life has become so stretching we all wish a day had 48 hours. We wish a day or two could be added to the weekend or a few hours to the night at least so that we can have a chance to finish a dream. But we are stuck with 24hrs a day and seven days a week with loads and loads of work and responsibilities being put upon our shoulders every day. What do we do?

One thing I have learnt over time is that I cannot manage time. I mean 24 hours are just 24 hours. So I have learnt to manage events. Within my 24 hrs I have different events that I need to participate in. Waking up is the first event. It takes four snoozes. That adds up to 20 minutes. Then I have breakfast, devotion, walking to work, checking mails and replying, setting the other events for the day and the list goes on and on. This means I have to manage all my events so that my 24hrs may accommodate all my events. And don’t forget sleeping is also another event that I used to ignore, but nowadays I don’t.

The thing is, life is not getting any easier, but each day much more is required from me. And so I have to decide which events in my daily schedule that are a must do and I give them priority. I also have to remember those events that seem unnecessary yet they are the backbone of my whole being, like a moment of prayer or meditation or rest, which I easily ignore because I can’t leave the house without brushing my teeth but I do often rush out and tell God, I will catch you soon. And before long, the day slips away and as I lay my head later in the evening, I mumble some words in the name of prayer. I am that pathetic at times. God forgive me.

Beyond the events of our days are the expectations from different people. A client wants her report by midday, a friend want you to meet in the evening for something serious, the blog is waiting for the daily post and yeah your wife is also waiting for you to give her the required attention. This means your daily events are tied up to expectations that you have to decide if you are going to meet or not. That is a major consideration too.

And as I plan my day, I have often learnt to ask myself ‘SO WHAT?’ as a measure of priority and meaning. It’s so easy to be busy and tired and when you look at all what you have been doing, it doesn’t add much value to life and thus a waste of both energy and opportunity. 

And when I feel like doing nothing (obviously after the ‘so what?’ evaluation), I will bum all day, or take a break or even just switch off the phone. And if you are still in the paradigm of pleasing everyone; you are in big trouble. Because at times you just have to say no to people. 

Its time this event ends, I have expectations to meet and 24 hrs to stretch. Catch you soon when we are participating in the same event!

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