Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Give Myself to You

This song by William McDowell I give myself away has been playing in my head over and over again. And the more I think what it means to give myself to God the more scaring it gets. I know my life is not my own and that I belong to God, but there is the tendency to want to hold on to myself. How do you lose all control and let God rule every aspect of your life? How do you accept that God want you the way you are, to create something beautiful out of you?

If you grew up in the rural area or you reared chicken, maybe you have seen a hen behaving helpless, especially when you have layers and you don’t have a cock. It gets to a time when you chase a hen, it gives itself so easily. And when you are chasing it especially if you want to slaughter it, you get offended when the hen gives an indication of wanting a cock, and you are not one.

And as I was thinking about giving myself to God, that is the picture that comes to mind. That there should be an innate need within me that just loses control and submits to God, getting to the point of being a slave of righteousness. But who wants to be a slave? I mean, having nothing of your own in a capitalistic society means you are nothing! But the encouraging thing is realizing that his burden is easy and his yoke is smooth, so we should delight in giving yourself away all in the name of pleasing the master..

We were discussing with some friends on the seed that fell on the thorny grounds from the parable of the sower. You realized the seed does not bear fruits because it is choked by the thorns. The interpretation of that word is a representation of those people who hear the word of God and the worries of this world choke that word.

And many of us are victims of worry. We worry too much, that even when God says I have good plans for you, worry cuts you off from the reality of that word. One of the things that really amazed me is when I realized worry is not just about tomorrow but about us. We worry because we don’t believe in our capability to become or achieve the things that we desire and the things that God wants accomplished. It’s like when God declares that you are a mighty warrior, and instead of embracing that word and running with it, you look at where you are and assume that word. We despise ourselves and worry that we can never be the mighty warrior as declared. That process in the mind of doubting ourselves mixed with fear and unbelief chokes the word of God bit by bit and over time, we do not achieve that which was intended. We miss our destiny and our inheritance.

You can never get to your destiny without pursuing it. You have to become by doing something that propels you forward. As the body of Christ, our destiny is to be transformed until we acquire the full nature of Christ. So, we must keep pursuing that. When we look at ourselves, we often cut ourselves off from some of the things that God declare not believing that indeed we are supposed to be the partakers. We are the ones.

We should allow the word of God to define us and to transform us until we become that which God declares in His word. We should mature up into knowing God and His nature and His power. When God created the earth and everything in it, He only took six days and when he looked at his creation he said it was good.

Now, God has taken more than six days to create us, I mean we are am still work in progress. This shows us how patient God is with us, and better still if in six days he made everything good, how much more glorious is He turning us to be having taken all this time?

Let us partner with God in what he is doing, let us pursue his word and his declarations. For we are all but just Work In Progress, and when He is done with us, it will be something beautiful, something heavenly, and something glorious. Give yourself to Him so that He can use you.

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