Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where is the power of the cross?

Every time I listen to the song My Jesus by Todd Agnew I always get challenged. Here is part of the lyrics

Which Jesus do you follow? Which Jesus do you serve? If Ephesians says to imitate Christ, then why do you look so much like the world?

If you are on social media or generally in the internet, you will see so many jokes about Jesus and God. I hear nowadays Jesus is black. Others will talk about “What Would Jesus Do?” even when in situations that Jesus would not be in the first place. And as much as some of these initiatives are great, sometimes they just demonstrate the mere lack of the fear of God in our generation.

And back to the Jesus I follow, I have been thinking closely about it. And as I was walking to work yesterday I met an old lady who was looking for the primary school in our estate. And I remember telling her to find the school just behind the mosque. Then I remembered when we were doing geography in primary school and we would recognize a Christian community through a church; which was a building marked with a cross.

Do you know how difficult it is to recognize a church nowadays? From some funny names we call church to the dingy buildings in the name of a place of worship, to the lack of the cross and the funny characters that we call shepherds. And as much as we say church is the heart and not the building, what we see leaves a lot to be desired; both from the building and from the people who are the church. Where is the power of the cross?

I have noticed we have become so casual with God, me included.  God, I know sometimes I act like we are just buddies; I mean you are the most understanding. Your mercies are new everyday and when you forgive, you truly forget. You know am human and human is to error, you know I am busy and trying to be modern, so excuse my few jokes on twitter and on email. It’s not that I am ashamed about you when I don’t share the good news with my friends online, am just avoiding spamming them. And when I attend bedside baptism, you know technology allows us much more than we can imagine. I know you understand. And when I don’t tell people about you it’s because when they watch news on Sunday evening, they get to see what your people have been up to and I don’t want to be associated with them. I know you say I should not conform to the standards of this world, and I am not, I am just trying to survive, to fit in and to be people friendly. I mean, we have to give people their space. Just keep understanding. The story can go on and on..

And as I keep on thinking about the kind of Christian I have been, I desire that God may give me a meaty heart; the heart that will walk in the fear of God, shunning evil and hiding his word deep inside so that I may not sin against him. To be transformed by the renewal of my mind. Not to fear persecution when I defend the truth. And demonstrate the power of the cross in my life in every aspect and not to be a religious freak but a real human being.

I pray that I will be willing to pay the cost for following Jesus and to carry the cross daily. Not to fulfill religious obligations, but to be a man of higher standards and a quality lifestyle powered by the Holy Spirit. And when the world looks at me, may they see the power of the Cross!

And when I listen to Todd Agnew I will be confident to declare that I follow Jesus the son of God, and not only will I say, but I will be demonstrating it with my life, and for sure I will not be ashamed that I don't look like the world.

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