Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Important Notice

I have struggled in getting a title for this post. This is because it is difficult to summarize what I want to talk about.

Read the sentences below and take time to 
feel them. Feel each sentence independently without being influenced by the previous one.

  1.  You are not important.
  2. Are you really important?
  3. You are important!
  4.  You are really important.
I hope you have managed to feel each sentence independently. The truth is, the feeling you felt about the first sentence influenced the others. To most of us, the first sentence kinda really penetrated inside, making the rest unimportant!

Before coming up with this exercise, I was analyzing how most people feel about being important. One thing I realized is that most people’s importance is affirmed by other people, especially people we look up to. We all speak to ourselves, affirming who we are. But have you realized how sometimes our own voice is not as powerful as the voice of others?

We have all struggled with a notorious mosquito. The kind of mosquito that makes you wonder, are mosquitoes important? And as much as we might feel as if mosquitoes are not important, their importance is not determined by our opinion of the same.

Some people don’t feel as if they are important. Yet if you told them in the face that they are not important, affirming their inner voice, they would get really offended and become defensive, a feeling produced by the first sentence above.

Other people really feel important. And most of these people feel important because of something external. An accomplishment, a recognition, a status or something. And if a stranger who was not aware of who they are came and told them in the face that they are important, it would feel awkward. This is because their importance is tied to something known. And if they lost that thing, they would feel unimportant.

It therefore seems the issue of importance is really a personal issue. And when I was thinking about it on a personal level, I realized how unimportant I have felt because my inner voice was not as powerful as the external voices. It is as if someone telling me am important has a greater value than I, who knows myself better, telling it to myself. And to some extent I would find myself wanting to hear someone tell me I am important.

And imagine if I had titled this blog post with either of the four sentences. Had I titled it.. You are not important.. Those I know and who expect me to know they are important would have felt bad, those who are doubting their importance would have sought to look for an affirmation and those who I don’t know would have wanted to prove that I am wrong. Had I titled this blog post.. You are important, those I know, seeking an affirmation would have felt really good to read on, those who I don’t know and they feel important would have ignored while most people would think it is just a cliché.

Now, what if I had titled it… I am not important… So many of you would feel so sorry for me… and wonder why I feel this way. Others would actually agree.

The essence of this post is to encourage you to know that you are important. And your importance is not pegged to something external as much as is, your intrinsic value. We should learn to believe in who we are and be impervious of the external voices that may or may not agree with us. We should give more weight to the voice in our heart more than the voice of others. That our importance is first and foremost ours to feel, to know, to be.

Could it be being that being important is not something to feel? Could it be something to know, like head knowledge? Just a thought.

Are you important? You tell it to yourself!


  1. Great post Jose.....It all begins with what we tell ourselves on the inside.Our "Internal Voice" decides what we will feel.So if we correct our "internal dialogue" with who God says we are,we then don't need external affirmation or disapproval to tell us who we are,nor can external things affect our peace of mind.

    1. I totally agree. Training your voice to be confident in it's counsel.

  2. Emotions gathered before i read the complete article... 1. You are not important.(I really dint care), Are you really important? (Why do i need to prove if i am), 3. You are important!(Stop shouting at me, i don't care if i am or not). You are really important.(You just said it and don't even mean it) 5. You are important (You missed it and i wish you said it. Most or you reading haven't noticed the difference but there is. It doesn't have a fullstop, its infinite, its from the heart.)

    Simply, its true we need to be told that its ingrained in our system.... Thanks, i will start preaching it to maself now.

    1. Wow, I like your analysis. And yeah, we simply need to be told how important we are and most of it tell ourselves.

  3. i am too important :)

  4. Great piece. The presence or absence of our importance somehow influences our outlook.

    1. True it does. We all need it to be present. Thanks!