Friday, November 5, 2010

Ajwaa …… as usual

In the recent past, I have heard numerous people complaining about our education system. Some say we should do away with what we already have while others don’t really care about a thing. I don’t know where I stand on this matter but one thing I am sure of instead of de-schooling our society, we would rather DECHURCH it.

The other day I was talking to a bunch of teenagers and I liked the discussion because we got to agree on this. This is unlike teenagers who most of the time, think they know everything and don’t want to be told a thing. And as the discussion went on, I was reminded of a joke my friend Gideon shares about his mothers’ church.

Just being hypothetical and playing around with your imagination, which day do you think is God’s most boring? Gideon says he would rather miss a Sunday service than attend one at the mum’s church. He says, ‘they should be going, and after the opening prayer they tell God…. as usual”. I kinda agree with him. Why go to church to do the same thing over and over and expecting something different?

I once took worship leading classes and the instructor said; our prayers don’t get to God as voices. Instead, all the petitions, requests, praises and adorations are picked up into a bowl and they are burnt before God. He said, the burning ‘stuff’ is supposed to get to God as a fragrance of Christ and that’s the only acceptable sacrifice before God. But with the kind of humans we are and the churches we are seeing, God’s housekeepers must have a tough time cleaning the odour.

I kinda feel sorry for God every Sunday, that stench! The way He gets ready with anticipation that his people are up for some worship and time with him, just to prepare the outside without a thought for the inside. The drama He has to withstand and the pain he has to bear when He sees people who have nothing to do with him doing so many unnecessary things in His name. Wa, Sunday is such a day for Him.

On the other hand am reminded of people like Abraham who interacted with God in their daily lives. They didn’t have a set day for Him, they truly portrayed the thought that says… we are the temple of God. God’s dwelling had a place in such peoples’ daily lives through the ups and downs of it. And that is what I desire. a place where i can confidently stand and say; In him I live, in him I move and in him I have my being.

So next Sunday, give God’s house helps a smoother time. When you get there just say AJWAA…meaning as usual and you will minimize the amount of stuff in the bowl or else lets’ just up our game and give God what He deserves. Or have we so easily forgotten that as much as His mercies are new every morning, He is a consuming fire.

Thoughts by Josef Munuhe

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