Friday, November 5, 2010

Love conquers all

Gossip is sweet, spiced gossip is sweeter. When you get to know someone’s secret or when you get to peep into their closet and have a glance at their dirty laundry, how does it feel? It’s sometimes sweet and tends to come with some powerful feelings especially if the victim is a friend who keeps you out of the loop. The best part is when it itches. When you want to share with someone else and you are fighting with your conscience whether to keep it to self or to tell someone else.
But what happens when you discover someone’s problem or weakness that they have been keeping away from everyone and deep down you know it’s killing them slowly? Most people tend to do nothing or worse still share it out with the rest of the brethren behind someone’s back and watch the show. Am not pointing fingers, it’s an observation I’ve made. And everyone else will know your problem behind your back. Especially when they say you are not living right.
I have been a victim. Where I was not living according to the set standards and I later came to discover most of my friends knew about it and no one came forward to ask me what was happening and walk with me in my mess. People watched me dance in my own mess and kept the normal holier than thou face that everything is alright spiced with some weird looks of ‘I know what you did last summer’. It’s sad.
I was entertaining the verse where Jesus was telling some guys that He was naked and they gave him no cloths. And that pierced my heart. Amazingly the guys were like, when master? When were you naked and we ignored you? The truth is, if you discover a brother is not living right, that is his nakedness. Why do you want to expose his nakedness? Be compassionate and give him some clothing. This means if you can, speak to him, enquire, empathize and bring him out of the mess. If that is difficult, pray for him secretly and if you must tell someone, the motive should be to bring the brother into the light.
Love covers a multitude of sins. Everyone has their own shortcomings but Jesus accepted as us all while we were sinners. But if the people of light won’t accept me the way I am where do I go? No wonder when someone is struggling with sin or some weakness, most people retreat to themselves. They stop showing up for church meetings. They fear asking for help because they will not get some and soon they get worse and worse. Remember everyone is looking for acceptance. Receive sinners in love. Be compassionate. God is love and He dwells in love. No wonder they say love conquers all.

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