Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not Because of You

Today i was reading the verses in the book of the preacher, 'The race is not to the swift nor is the battle to the strong.'

Several things came up.

First, it is not because of you that you are where you are, it's because of God's grace. It's not because you are swift that you are in the race. No, it's because God wants to manifest his nature through you. It's not because you are strong that you are in the battle field. No, It's because God is the one building and He wants after the process you be perfected.

And why is it that you are in reformation? why are you saved?

It's not because of you, it's because of His purposes. God has an agenda with each and everyone of us. Just be available, obedient and faithful.

Don't look down upon those who might not be like you, those blinded by religion, those caught up in addiction and all sorts of things. But position yourself to be used of God to influence them. Because it is just because of His grace that you are set free.

And those of us fighting the feeling of inadequacy. God will use the despised to ashame the wise, the weak to ashame the strong. Be available. God wants to use you. Allow God to work in you.

And finally. Time and chance happen to them all.. Maximize on every opportunity and use time wisely. The days are evil and therefore don't give the enemy a chance to play around with you. Be diligent and live each day having in mind that all our daily actions have a future consequence. So be wise.

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